3 Temmuz 2015 Cuma

What Have I Been Up To?

Hello guys! Over a month ago I wrote my first post and I know I said I would keep writing, but sometimes things don't go in the way that you want them to I guess. So what have I really been up to? During the time I wrote my first post, I was still a high school girl who was drowning in her trig homeworks, Shakespeare essays and economics projects. Even though I was senior, I was still busy with school work. After the last week of May, I felt a bit more relieved. About June... Nothing really happened during June actually. Being honest I don't even know why I didn't write my blog. I stayed up all night during the month and watched bunch of TV shows. I went back to watching Vampire Diaries, I don't even know why I stopped watching it. It's a good show! I got super lazy with Grey's Anatomy and stopped watching it. I literally got stuck on season 10th I don't want to watch it, no more for now at least, shame on me. Also, I was supposed to finish the last season of Breaking Bad, but I got lazy with that taking a break from it as well :c. I have such a bad habit. If I don't watch a show for couple days or a week, that's it I cannot watch that show anymore. At the end of June I finally graduated from high school and cannot wait to start my next journey. And now July... I'll be starting a summer program at my 'college' HECK YES COLLEGE! The program runs Monday through Thursday for a month so I will be busy with that. Now I'm going to leave this post with one of my favorite songs from the k-drama, Healer, that I mentioned in my first post. I strongly recommend this song to y'all.



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